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What is the difference between Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living?

Personal care homes are residential homes that provide their residents with care and board in the comfort of a home environment. They are also known as residential care homes or adult care homes, and they mostly have private and semi-private rooms for their residents. 

One of the better traits of these homes is the more intimate environment. The homes have often been altered to have the same safety features just like larger assisted living communities, for instance, safety rails, grab bars, wheelchair-friendly ramps, emergency call buttons, and rooms.

What type of assistance is offered in Personal Care Homes?

Care homes provide personal care assistance, including assistance with ADLs. This may include bathing, dressing, grooming, and general hygienic practices. Care home aides are available to assist residents with their ADLs and personal care needs, but they cannot provide advanced medical care.

What is the difference between a nursing home and a personal care home?

Sometimes, what people refer to as a ‘care home’ may in fact be a care home that only provides residential care, known as a residential care home. A residential care home is different from a nursing home. The main difference is that a nursing home always has a credentialed nurse on-site to provide advanced medical care.

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Why would I choose a Personal Care Home for my loved one?

Personal care homes are a good option for all seniors in need of daily assistance who would prefer to be in a home setting, with family environment. Personal Care Homes are often more cost friendly, as their overhead is typically much lower than traditional Assisted Living communities.

How much does a Personal Care Home community cost?

In general, the monthly cost of Personal Care Homes can range from $2,500 to $4,000 a month. The wide range exists because of factors such as location and the number and type of services and amenities offered.

Does Medicare help cover the costs associated with Personal Care Home communities?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not help cover assisted living expenses. All senior Independent living communities are private pay only. But the Pros can assist you in finding the right place for your budget!

What is the affordability of a Personal Care Home Community?

Typically, costs are paid by individual resident’s retirement savings, but some may find assistance with long-term care insurance or veterans benefits. Many residents pay for senior living by selling or renting out their homes, supplementing their Social Security benefits and/or cashing out investments and/or cashing out investments or even accept assistance from contributing adult children.

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